The team

DLBA has 20 lawyers, Partners and Associate Lawyers.

We give high quality specialist advice in Real Estate Law and Commercial Law and Litigation.

We provide our clients with personalised services, with particular focus on our global involvement as Counsel.

James Dupichot avocat à la Cour

James Dupichot

Xavier Lagarde avocat et professeur de Droit

Xavier Lagarde

Jérôme Schott docteur en Droit et avocat

Jérôme Schott

Laurence de Montauzan avocat chez DLBA

Laurence de Montauzan

Pierre-Yves Soulié avocat chez DLBA

Pierre-Yves Soulié

Florence Casteigts avocat en Droit Social chez DLBA

Florence Casteigts