Naïma Ahmed-Ammar holds a Masters’ 2 degree in Litigation and Procedural Law from the University of PARIS XII – CRETEIL and a Master’s 2 Degree in Real Estate and Construction Law from the University of PARIS II – ASSAS.

Practice areas

Before joining DLBA in 2018, she worked with specialist construction law firms on behalf of insurers and their insured (architects, contracting authorities and contractors).

She advises construction clients notably with court-ordered appraisals ranging from Pre-work Inspection Applications to Professional civil liability and constructors’ 10 year insurance litigation.

She also works in the joint ownership and residential lease sector.


Naïma AHMED-AMMAR was a lecturer in the law of Civil Procedure at University of PARIS XII – CRETEIL and at the National Professional Training Centre in PARIS.

During her university career, she was also a legal assistant at LAGNY SUR MARNE Court mainly in the contract and consumer law fields, before working as a lawyer for a Citizens’ Advice Association.

Other things about Naïma AHMED-AMMAR

Naïma speaks Algerian Arabic fluently and, to a lesser extent, Italian and English. She is a member of the AJEDIM (Association of Lawyers and Students in Real Estate Law at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas) and is a kickboxing enthusiast in her spare time.